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  • russtherese21 - 14 August, 2018 reply

    Hi Karen,
    Just paid the deposit for the 22nd Sept’ Roses’ oil painting day. I did a workshop early in July with Raymond Riley in Leicestershire, whom I believe you are acquainted with, producing the well-known Bob Ross-style ‘Three Pansies’ painting, which I was very pleased with! I’m hoping to learn more about the wet-into-wet floral painting style, and perhaps something about the Jenkins’ floral style, and how it compares with Annette Kowalski’s approach, so I hope you won’t mind me ‘picking your brains’ on this one as we do the work!
    See you on the 22nd,
    Kind regards,
    Russell Fisher, Leicester

    admin - 14 August, 2018 reply

    Hi Russell, Thank you for confirming your place for the Red Roses workshop. Yes, Ray has painted with me and is a wonderful artist. I will send you details for your class and look forward to meeting you. You will have fun and lots of laughs as well as learning loads while you are here. See you soon! Karen

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