I would love to wish you a warm welcome to my site, my name is Karen Underwood and I am a mixed Media Artist. I am Canadian and currently live in the UK within a lovely part of the country called The Cotswolds.

My journey started with many types of crafts using flowers as an inspiration. I went on to learn One Stroke with Donna Dewberry and became one of her Certified Teachers, my curiosity led me to want to learn painting with Oils. I also studied with Gary Jenkins and became a Jenkins Certified Teacher, and I have continued to learn and follow my dreams.

I have worked with online platforms for the last 18 years, both as a qualified online and distance learning teacher, while also having experience working on the technical support side, dealing with any software, administration and technical issues that might arise through the use of online platforms for learning.

My family has been a huge inspiration and supported me on my painting journey, and I thank them with all my heart, would like to thank all of the many friends I have made along the way, a journey can be difficult if making it alone, but with friends or family with you then I believe we can make it anywhere!

I wish you all the best on your Artistic Learning Journey, it does not matter if you necessarily have the most natural talent for Art or anything else, if you have a passion for it then you can achieve it!

I hold Private & Group Workshops for Beginners and Experienced Artists.

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Tel – 07815931099

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