Painting Black & White – No Colour?

Learning to paint! We all are aiming for that Masterpiece even after we have painted for years as Artists we are always striving to improve grow and be challenged.

Why? Would we want to paint with no colour? Everyone loves colour.

As a new painter, I  just wanted to dive in and paint, not really looking at the bigger picture! I soon realized that I was not progressing, I needed to learn the basic fundamentals to continue to develop as an Artist. One of the best things I did while learning was to use a limited palette using Black and White.

(I added Paynes Grey as it has a lovely blue tint and everyone who knows me knows my passion for Paynes Grey!!)

Working with 3 shades on my palette provided me with the opportunity to concentrate on the Elements and Composition without the worry of over-mixing color shade values too light or too dark. You will also discover how important Dark tones are to provide your painting with depth and how your middle tones are used to give your painting structure.

Finally how small touches of white bring your painting to life. Using this method of working from Dark and mid-tone to light will provide the basic structure for fabulous results.

Learning Dark tones, Middle tones, and Light tones with a limited palette is fun and rewarding. Try to use a limited palette for your next painting, I am sure you will agree it’s relaxing and I guarantee you will be overjoyed with the results.

If you would like a course to follow showing you the steps check out my Artist Library

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