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£15.00 / month

Subscription is now half-price for a limited time!

Paint along with me live, all live classes are recorded

Included you will be able to paint with me live 3 to 4 times per month, sharing ideas checking in on each other and most of all making new friends and amazing art!

Say goodbye to Painters Block, with live classes, and additional pre-recorded classes which support you through this art journey with me.

Live classes will push you and test you, did I mention challenge you?
Yes, I am thinking it will too, but as artists, we continue to learn and stretch.

That’s the fun part, enjoying the unknown and running with the flow.
Monthly subscription is flexible and you are able to cancel at any time!



Join me for some fun and laughs as I take you on a journey creating colorful art, I will show you how to perfect your style.
No matter what I share with you, your very own style will shine through.
You are the artist, I am just coaching you to your next level sharing my knowledge and sharing the skills and techniques I have gained over the years!

My task is to show you easy steps to enhance your style!

Make painting a fun, relaxing experience with all the secret tips I have learned from many professional artists during my own journey! I look forward to painting with you! Karen x


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